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Company Profile

Corporate Name Media Lease Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment August 13, 2003
Paid-in Capital 17,000,000 yen
Representative Director Kazuhiko Tokunaga
Number of Employees 49
Address Tokyo Shimbashi Head Office
4F Shinsan Bldg. 3-5-10 Shimbashi,

Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, JAPAN
TEL:+81-3-3593-3811 (Main) FAX:+81-3-3593-3820
Tokyo Akasaka Branch Office
7F SC-Akasaka Bldg. 5-4-17 Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, JAPAN
TEL:+81-3-3589-7611 (Main) FAX:+81-3-3589-7600
The Contents of an Enterprise Rental, sales, repair and maintenance of professional broadcasting video shooting equipment.

  • Equipment rental for shooting(Camera, sound, lighting etc)
  • Equipment rental for Non-linear editing(Avid MediaComposer)
  • Sales and repair of equipment for shooting(Camera, sound, lighting etc)
  • Sales of Recordable Media
    – XDCAM Disc / Blu-ray / DVD-R
    – Video tapes ( Videocassettes)
    (HDCAM / HDV / Digital Master / Digital Betacam / DVCAM etc)

Online editing and sound mixing of many video contents such as TV programs.

  • Post Production(Online editing room and Multi Audio room)
  • Offers suites for creative online finishing and color correction, utilizing the latest professional tools. (Avid DS and Avid Symphony etc)
  • Voiceover and narration recording and audio mixing (Avid Pro Tools)
  • Data Encoding
  • Video Tape Duplication
  • DVD and Blu-Ray Duplication
  • Digitizing and Video Tape Capturing
  • Editing Video Tape Outputs

Aerial shooting services by Drone & Underwater shooting services by Underwater Drone for TV programs, promotion videos etc

  • Shooting
  • Rental of Drone, Underwater Drone
  • Shooting Coordination
  • Dispatch Instructor of Drone, Underwater Drone

Camera crew

  • VTR
  • Location shooting
  • Electronic News Gathering
  • photographing, etc.
Category of Our Customers TV Stations
CATV Stations
TV Production companies
Autonomous bodies, business organizations, universities, personal users
Member Organization Japan Post Production Association (JPPA)
Japan Visual Industry Guild (J-VIG)
Health insurance association of Tokyo press industry
Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA)


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